Drench Hoses

Drench hoses provide targeted emergency water focused exactly where it is needed.

The drench hoses from www.safety-eyewash.co.uk are the perfect solution to provide fast, targeted water, ideal for rinsing off injured workers who cannot reach another safety eyewash or emergency shower.

With a 2.4 metre hose the units can quickly provide localised rinsing water to the affected areas, whether the injured party is sitting, standing or lying down.

ANSI standards states that drench hoses should be used as supplements, but do not replace other types of emergency equipment.

Model S0406 complies with the ANSI Z358.1-2014 standard for both an eyewash and drench hose. This dual use model can be used as either a fixed eyewash if left in its wall holder, or removed from the holder to be used as a drench hose.

Deck Mounted Drench Hose image

Deck Mounted Drench Hose

Counter mounted drench hose

£417.00 (exc VAT)

Product Code S0702

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Single Head Emergency Drench Hose image

Single Head Emergency Drench Hose

Emergency drench hose with stay open valve, yellow head, wall bracket and 2.4 metre hose.

£293.00 (exc VAT)

Product Code S0402

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Emergency Drench Hose With Twin Head image

Emergency Drench Hose With Twin Head

Wall mounted emergency eyewash and drench hose.

£351.00 (exc VAT)

Product Code S0406

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£0.01 (exc VAT)

Product Code test

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