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Frost Resistant Combined Emergency Shower & Eye Wash Unit

Product Code: TH234

Trace heated freestanding emergency shower with combined eye wash unit.
£1,908.00 inc VAT£1,590.00 ex VAT

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£1,908.00 inc VAT£1,590.00 ex VAT

This thermostatically controlled trace heated emergency shower and eye wash unit combines an emergency drench shower with an eye wash station and offers resistance to very low temperatures. Floor mounted via a galvanised steel flange for stability, the unit can be installed almost anywhere - outside in the elements, close to hazardous areas or machinery, or wherever the layout of your workspace dictates.

The shower head and eye wash bowl are manufactured from heavy duty stainless steel for sturdiness, and the unit comes with bright yellow detailing for enhanced visibility. The eye wash unit is operated by an easy-push abs paddle, and the safety shower by a pull rod; they can be used either together or separately.

The unit is tested to meet the stringent testing requirements of the ANSI Z358.1, EN15154-2 and DVGW regulations. As well as governing the ways in which emergency showers and eye wash fountains are manufactured, they also cover their installation, maintenance and use; please visit our guide to ANSI regulations to find out more about staying compliant.


To order usually 3 to 5 working days delivery time

Tech specs

Height: 2515mm
Material: powder coated galvanised steel pipe with brass fittings and elbows, stainless steel, ABS plastic
1" stay open shower ball valve with pull rod activation, brass 1.25" female water inlet connection
Length (column to centre of shower head): 605mm
High visibility foam insulation with jacket fastened with velco fasteners
Trace heating with thermostat control (starts at 0 degrees celsius and turns off at 3 degrees celsius
230v power supply required
Shower head diameter: 260mm
Floor flange diameter: 228mm
Water pressure 1.5 to 8 bar


Foot pedal operation for the eye wash (not shower)

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To order usually 3 to 5 working days.

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