Portable Eye Wash Units

Portable Eye Wash Units

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Portable Eye Wash Stations
  • portable eyewash station on the wall

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Product description

Our portable eye wash station is perfect for site work in isolated areas with no access to clean, potable water. Manufactured from sturdy, UV-resistant polyethylene, the unit is bright yellow to ensure visibility even when eyesight is compromised in an emergency situation. This ultra-portable eye wash unit requires no plumbing and can either be mounted to a wall with the included wall bracket, or simply placed on a flat, stable surface.

Each unit also comes with a supply of water preservative which allows water to be stored in the reservoir for up to six months, after which time it should be replaced. The portable eye wash fountain is activated by a simple pull strap, which will cause the unit to discharge water for over 15 minutes in accordance with ANSI regulations.

The unit also comes with a built in service tag to facilitate regular safety inspections. If you choose to mount the unit to a wall, please ensure that it is installed between 838mm and 1143mm from floor level.


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Tech specs

Height: 656mm
Width: 559mm
Material: high visibility polyethylene
Capacity: 68 litre (18 gallon) tank
Flow rate: 1.5 litres per minute (required for 15 minutes to comply with ANSI Z358.1 regulations)


Our portable eyewash stations can also be supplied with the following accessories:

Replacement water preservative (pack of four)

What is ANSI compliance?

The American National Standards Institute governs the development of industrial standards for the United States and across the world. The specific regulations that govern emergency eye wash products (ANSI Z358.1) set out guidelines for water quality, temperature and flow rate, as well as product installation and maintenance procedures. See our guide to ANSI regulations for more information.

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portable eye wash station dimensions


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